Vitamins of Knowledge

This website is primarily designed to provide “vitamins of knowledge”  – a moment, a few seconds or minutes – that you can blend into your everyday life situations without any further effort required. For instance, have a look at the real life stories about Anger and Patience.
The website can also be used for a ‘Mind Training Course’ for children and young people, parents and professionals. All adults will be able to explain and teach children and young people by using information from the website. You can create a small or a large course depending on how much time you have. It can also be freely adjusted to what else you are doing. An ideal situation is for all adults living or working with a group of children to attend a course together. Experience shows that many people become curious even after a short introduction and then start exploring the website for exactly what they need.
The individual pages on the website can be printed directly for educational use.

Useful sections to begin with

All items from the website can be used for training but experience shows that specific sections are useful to begin with:

  • Attention – Spotlight of the Brain and The Thinking Brain and the Alarm Centre provides good basic knowledge. Combining these with stories, especially The Story of the House of Thoughts andThe Story of a Mind-Train and some of the small games will give you a very good start, even with children as young as 6-7 years of age. It is obviously important to talk about personal experiences along the way and see them in relation to the knowledge you work with.
  • The stories – or parts of the stories – can be used in many ways: for reading and storytelling; as inspiration to tell an entirely different story; kids can draw or build their own house of thougths and so on.
  • The article Resilience and Praise is particularly suitable for printing and presentation before conversations where adults discuss issues related to the lives of children and young people – e.g. at parent meetings.
  • When problems need to be solved, experience shows that it is good to start with the basic knowledge as discussed above. Use the guidelines in the sections A Way to Success and Help Someone Else. A number of common and serious specific problems are discussed in the section on Problemsolving.
  • Are you working towards the development of a safe environment for being and learning in a group, it´s natural to combine the basic knowledge above with the section on Bullying. It´s highly recommended to use The Class Behaviour Game for a period of time if problems are present.
  • The entire section on the Teenage Brain is obviously particularly relevant to teens and their parents. The Brain Game is great to use at “parent’s and young people’s” – meetings.