The Story of The House of Thoughts

In a sense we may say that our thoughts live inside our heads. Imagine that your thoughts live in a house with many rooms where you can wander around and discover them.

When you discover thoughts your are using the world’s finest tool, your attention, which is a kind of spotlight. When you throw light on a thought, you spot it and discover it. Thereafter you can shift your attention and discover another thought.

From The House of Thoughts, your thoughts can call you if they want to be discovered. This may be really exciting and good, but could be irritating too – especially if the thoughts are annoying and they keep knocking all the time, trying to take charge over your attention.

In a situation where you have sad, anxious or angry thoughts that take over and force you into their room all the time, you might end up believing there are no exciting or happy thoughts to be found anywhere. That´s not much fun.

However, this is not actually the case at all. All those happy and exciting thoughts are just waiting in other rooms in the House of Thoughts, waiting for you to discover them with your attention. Maybe there even are tools to be found in one room that could be used to fix some other thoughts in another room in the house. There may also be thoughts in a room which need to be left in peace, so they won´t disturb you to much.

If you often go to explore The House of Thoughts with your attention, then it becomes easier to be in charge with your thoughts.