The story of a Mind-Train

You probably know how your thoughts come in succession – one after the other. Thoughts are usually linked to one another, like a train with carriages that move together with time to a destination.

When ‘I’ go by a Mind-Train, ‘I’ am inside the ‘carriages’ while the train is moving. It ca be hard to grasp, nevertheless the ‘I’ merges completely with the thoughts while they are running – the ‘I’ and the present thought become one. This is not extraordinary at all – it is perfectly natural.

If you, while thinking a specific thought, suddenly decide to think about something else, it is like changing to another train in order to go somewhere else. You can change your Mind-Train so fast that it can feel like magic.

When merged with a certain Mind-Train it can be difficult to realize that there may be other Mind-Trains on which you would rather be – and if you have entered a wrong Mind-Train, travelling too fast, you may risk ending somewhere you do not want to be.

This is what happens when

  • There is something you cannot stop thinking about even though you would rather think about something else.
  • There is something that you regret.
  • There is something you want to change in your life, but find difficult to carry out.
  • If you unluckily find yourself in self-deception (read more here).

Consequently it is a good idea to practice Mind-Flying and enable yourself to change your Mind-Train whenever you want to.