Mind Party

Imagine having a party inside yourself where your guests are visiting thoughts. Some of these thought-guests might stay for a long time while others just drop in and out.

When you discover the arrival of a new thought-guest, you can welcome the guest just by saying a loud ‘welcome’ inside yourself.

It is your party, so you want to do your best to make it a good one.

Sometimes an unpleasant thought, that you have not invited, visits you. Try speaking kindly to this thought: ‘although I have not invited you, you are welcome as you obviously need to be here, so it´s okay right now. I hope you feel better by being here, just look around. And please excuse me now, for I must also talk to my other guests too. Have a nice party. ‘

Our mind’s are designed in a way that the best thing to do, if unwanted thoughts and feelings get too much attention, is to leave them alone in a friendly way. Then they will find a way to get better.

If unpleasant thoughts and feelings get too much attention they might grow and become stronger than what´s desirable.

Also, remember that you can always move into your Refuge and play with your Breath.