After watching a sequence from a scary movie, a young teenager has become very afraid of going up to his room upstairs on the first floor.

A plan of practice is made for him (see here): Each day he should try to walk a bit up the stairs until he accurately feel the fear in his body. Then he must stand still on the step he has reached and make simple relaxation exercises awaiting a feeling of complete wellness in the body again. He should not go further and no one should tempt or push him. Both would trigger the alarm center. He is the one who is in controls!

When the feeling of fear leaves him he should walk down – as he has created a small success that helps to calm the alarm system. The exercise is repeated at least 1 time a day.
Within one month he went all the way up to first floor again, feeling guite safe.


A 10 year old boy had been afraid to go to school. His mother read The Story of a Mind-Train to him.

His comment was: ‘Is it true then that  I could simply switch to another mind-train inside myself, and then no longer be afraid? – Well, then I will just do that.’  This turned out to be so helpful that he soon started going to school again.

A few moths later his 10 year older sister becomes lovesick. She is very sad. Her younger brother ask her: “May I read you a story about a mind-train?” And guess what? She soon felt better.