We all know the feeling of sadness. However, if it gets to be too much, perhaps even becomes depression, it´s not good. Then you are caught in thoughts and feelings that one cannot escape. Read more: Attention, The Alarm Centre, Alarm Examples, The Mind-Train.

If it´s so bad that you are paralysed into inertia, you need other people´s help in order to take action and break the vicious circle of negative thoughts that make you go round in circles (Read more: Help Someone Else). If reality is a depression, professional help is required.

A very simple and powerful thing to do is to get plenty of exercise and fresh air every day. It activates the body´s own pharmacy and creates good-mood-chemicals in the brain.

The frequency of depression found in adults and children has increased tremendously in the last 50 years. The explanation may be found in the way we learn to face challenges.

We develop self-esteem when we experience our ability to cope with life challenges. Optimism is about discovering how we solve problems.

Human problems and limitations must be acknowledged and we need support to practice and gradually get better.

From early age, challenges and problems must therefore be met in adequate doses. It counteracts low self-esteem.

If we encounter too big challenges too often, we become vulnerable and fearful and unable to cope. It eventually wears you out and may end in feelings of powerlessness and lose of faith and hope – depression. That said, if we never meet any challenges because of overprotection, we never develop resilience. Read more: Resilience and Praise.