Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are caused by fear of loosing control over one´s weight.

This fear attracts the attention to such an extend that all other possible thoughts and feelings are left out of the attention’s focus/spotlight. When the person is fully immersed in this irrefutable alarm experience, other thoughts and feelings are in ‘darkness’ and do not really exist (read more: The Attention – Spotlight of the Brain and The Thinking Brain and the Alarm Centre).

Consequently the ‘I’ melts right into this pattern of thoughts and feelings, leaving the person with no chance to think, feel or experience themselves in any other way. Even your physical mirror image can be interpreted within the brain in relation to this frozen pattern of fear (read more: The Story of a Mind-Train).

The only (personal) logical line of action therefore becomes that of controling the weight-fear by losing weight.

On this foundation, the following strategy makes sense:

  • Be patient and build alliances with professional experts that you can trust.
  • Do not challenge or criticize the person’s self-image, but give neutral information about the ‘I’, attention and the alarm centre (eg.: The Thinking Brain and the Alarm Centre, Fear and Shyness, The Story of the House of Thoughts, The Story of a Mind-Train).

Use exercises for body-well-being and attention training from this website as well as other sources that can support gradual control of the Alarm Centre (read more: The Attention – Spotlight of the Brain and The Body helps the Mind).
Build cautious plans of practice that can restore confidence to both food and body-image (read more: Fear and Construct a Plan of Practice).