You decide

Sometimes it may be a good idea to hold on to specific thoughts for a long time. Other thoughts (disruptive ones) are better left alone. Instead shift attention to other, constructive, thoughts. You can take charge over your thoughts as an alternative to letting your thoughts determine your way.

Draw three thought bubbles. A optimistic thought, a neutral thought and a destructive thought.
Place a finger on one of the three thought bubbles and think of something related to this bubble. If the idea eludes you, just start over again.

Find a watch and notice:

  • How long are you capable of sticking with one thought.
  • How fast you can let go of a thought.
  • How quickly you can switch from one thought to another thought and back again.

If you play this ‘take-charge’ game often you will become a master in controlling your thoughts.
It is fun also to play this game two or three people together and follow how each person’s finger moves on the bubbles, knowing that invisible thing are going on inside the their heads (Read more about the invisible).

In between the game’s three parts, tell each other about what occured inside your mind along the way.