When Positivity has gone

This roleplay is suited for 2-3 persons. Before starting, read: The attention – Spotlight of the Brain.

This game concerns a situation where you have serious personal problems that make it hard to think about anything else. You need 3-5 paper thought bubbles.

Write some key words or draw on a bubble about the problem.

Then write keywords or draw on a new bubble to explain how you thought about yourself before the problem grew this big.

After you write down keywords or draw, again on a new bubble, how you want to think about yourself when the problem is resolved. Also write / draw on the same bubble about how you believe others will look at you when the problem is resolved.

Place bubble 2 and 3 behind bubble 1, simply to illustrate how seriously challenging thoughts often overshadows more helpful ones completely. Have a brief conversation with each other in relation to how it feels to be in such condition.

Now place bubble 2 and 3 besides bubble 1 so they´re visible. Think about and talk about how to practice focusing your attention to strengthen it gradually, thus improving your ability to hold on to thoughts that will help you further (bubble 2 and 3) and preventing those thougths from disappearing behind the challenging ones (bubble 1).

It may hlep to place the three thought bubbles in a place where you can look at them every day for a period of time.

There are many different examples of attention training to be found on the website. Look around and choose what makes sense for you.