You can teach yourself how to fly out of a Mind-train, even when it runs with you at full speed, and look at it from the outside. Then you are free to decide and jump onto another mind-train if you want.

It may sound strange and difficult but it may be easier than you think. Try this:

Ask yourself loudly inside: “What am I thinking right now?” Then you may experience for a few seconds that you are sort of looking on your own thoughts from the outside. This allows you to decide whether you want to fly into the same thoughts again, or rather choose to go by another mind-train.

Ask yourself loudly inside: “How do I feel inside right now?” And discover for a few seconds, that the feeling you have inside is a singular event which you can observe and talk about.

You can also take a little internal break, giving som time off to the endlessly running mind-trains. It´s clever, but very simple. You just do it like this: Say loudly to yourself inside: “I wonder what kind of thought, the next thought coming to me, will be” Then wait and discover what happens inside of yourself. For a few seconds it may be completely quiet inside; it´s like a break, where no mind-trains passes and brings you along.

When you practice mind-flying you can become a very skilled manager of all your mind-trains.

As an adult, it´s often a good idea to ask curious questions that rehearse the child’s ability to change mind-trains:

  • What are you thinking about?
  • Could you think about it another way too?
  • What do you think about the fact that you are thinking this way?
  • What does your current way of thinking mean to you?

Questions like this train the child’s ability to reflect (to think about his own thinking).