Thought Bubbles

In a way you could say that there are two kinds of thoughts
Harmful thoughts and Useful thoughts

Useful thoughts are not necessarily happy thoughts. It´s a good thing to be scared, angry and sad – at the right time and place. However, it can be harmful if it becomes too much or lasts for too long.

It can get so bad that you cannot find any useful thoughts.

The worst place is hopelessness – to have the feeling that nothing can be done. In extreme situations, this can lead to suicidal thoughts.

If you are struggling with a destructive thought, it may be worthwhile to stop and think very closely about, whether a more useful thought could be alongside it. It may be hard to find, if you are faced with very heavy thoughts.

When you do whatever you can to stick to a useful thought (even a small one) repeatedly, it is called practicing; Gradually it becomes easier. It´s like learning how to ride a bike – it is hard at first, but when you practice, you will learn.