Chemical Cheating

Stimulants (tobacco, alcohol, drugs) are chemicals that cheat the brain. Stimulants create hunger in the brain’s alarm centre for more stimulants. The hunger is satisfied by saturating the brain with stimulants again. This is somehow experienced as comforting. In this way, the brain is cheated in to believe that the stimulants provide a feeling of well-being, while the brain is gradually damaged. Read more: The big reward factory competition.

The brain and body thus gradually deteroirates, at the same as it becomes more and more apparent in everyday life just how difficult it is to do without theses stimulants.

The addicted person’s life quality moves up and down, the main direction however being downwards because the brain and the body are damaged continously over the years.

The brain’s natural wellness chemicals are stronger than chemical stimulants. For example, molecule for molecule, endorphin is 300 times stronger than morphine, they also have no side effects. You can kickstart the production endorphin and other wellnesschemicals. Your brain produces them when you sleep, exercise, relax, dream good dreams. Also when you do things that you like on your own and together with people you care for.