A Medical Pain Experiment

A medical pain experiment shows that thoughts can affect the brain and the body quickly and efficiently:

  • A test person is told that the aim of the experiment is to assess the effect of various painkillers.
  • He places his one hand in a bucket of ice cold water – it’s not dangerous, but it is uncomfortable and it hurts.
  • A thin tube is put into a vein in his other arm – for pain medication and blood sampling. A screen is set which ensures that he cannot see the tube.
  • When it hurts a lot the doctor says, “Now I will give you the best pain medicine we have. It will help you very quickly.”
  • The doctor walks behind the screen to the tube – and do nothing!
  • Shortly after the test person says that he´s now in less pain.
  • The doctor takes a blood sample from the tube without the test person seeing it. The blood test shows that the body is now producing its own pain killers (endorphins).
  • After a few minutes a drug that blocks endorphins, is injected – without telling the test person about it. Immediately the pain starts again.

What happens in this trial?: A meaningful message from a trustworthy person, act directly on the test persons mind; it´s like a button has been pressed in his body´s own pharmacy’. The body has translated thoughts into its own language at the cellular level.
It´s also possible to be you owntrusted person. You can teach yourself to press the button in your internal pharmacy. Read more here.