The Mind Helps The Body

The body and the mind naturally possess basic skills and mechanisms for self-healing. Otherwise we would not be alive. These mechanisms are constantly affected by thoughts and feelings for good and for bad. The body can be damaged by negative thoughts and feelings (eg. loneliness) and any unhealthy habits. Thoughts can positively affect our body systems too. The study of this is called Mind-Body Medicine and includes a lot of new research. We know for instance that:
– Genes and neurotransmitters in our brain and body are activated within minutes or even seconds whenever thoughts and feelings change. The body simply translates our thoughts and feelings into its own chemical language at the cellular level (this is called epigenetics).

  • Awareness training can be used to control pain, even severe pain.
  • Chronic leg ulcers, where the patient suffer from poor circulation, heal twice as fast when he or she makes use of goal-directed thinking to move more warm blood to the wound.
  • A half hour´s quarrel may slow down the healing of a wound up to 24 hours.
  • Wellness protects the body against the cold virus.
  • Emotional peace improves the efficiency of a vaccination.
  • High blood pressure can be lowered by learning deep, calm breathing.

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