Last, but not least, it´s equally important to develop your desire to exercise. If there is one activity in the world which is good for almost everything – it´s exercise. Research shows that it helps with both mood and health – regardless whether you are healthy or ill.

  • Nearly all diseases of the body can be prevented and alleviated with exercise.
  • You live longer and better.
  • Exercise kick-start the production of well-being chemicals and painkillers in your brain and body, proividing you with energy and greater resilience. It´s the body’s and the brain’s own medicine, which is free and without side effects.
  • When you exercise it becomes easier to learn and remember. Exercise assists the brain when it creates the small links (synapses) between brain cells which are necessary to create new memory-traces in the mind. This is the case all through life.

We know well that exersice can be easier said than done – actually to do exercise but it´s something we can change – read more here: A way to succees and Help someone else.